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Full Metal Case Study

Full Metal

Revolutionizing Open-Source AI Hosting for Personal Projects


The open-source AI market is experiencing a rapid evolution, with numerous exciting models emerging weekly. While the prospect of running these models locally on personal PCs is promising, several challenges hinder the seamless integration of open-source Language Model (LLM) hosting for personal projects. Fullmetal, an innovative solution, addresses these challenges by providing a distributed network of agents through an API, offering cost-effective hosting, and prioritizing user privacy.

Client Challenge:

Individuals exploring open-source LLMs for personal projects encounter obstacles such as the overwhelming choice of models, the resource-intensive nature of self-hosting, and concerns about privacy when using existing AI API services.


Understanding the Challenges:

Fullmetal identified the challenges users face in selecting models, the high cost of self-hosting, and the privacy concerns associated with existing AI API services. The goal was to create a platform that would democratize access to a variety of models while minimizing costs and prioritizing user privacy

Key Features Aligned with User Needs:

Distributed Network of Agents:
Fullmetal introduced an API that provides users with access to a distributed network of agents hosting various models. This approach diversifies model availability and reduces costs by leveraging both Fullmetal-hosted agents and community-contributed machines.

Cost-Effective Hosting:
To address the expense of self-hosting, Fullmetal taps into the community’s resources, allowing users to access powerful machines at a lower cost. This shared infrastructure promotes affordability for individuals working on personal projects.

Privacy-First Approach:
Fullmetal prioritizes user privacy by encrypting prompts and responses. This ensures that personal data remains protected, addressing the common concern of data being sent to third-party organizations when using other AI API services.

Components of the Fullmetal Ecosystem:

Agent Machines:
Agents process LLM and respond to prompts received from the Fullmetal API.
These machines typically have high-end specifications with a minimum of 8GB RAM/VRAM to ensure prompt responses
Owners can decide whether their agent serves public prompts when idle, earning tokens as a reward.

Client Machines:
Clients send prompts to Fullmetal and receive responses.
Access to higher-quality responses, characterized by speed, reliability, and accuracy, may require tokens.


Diverse Model Availability:
Fullmetal’s distributed network of agents enhances model availability, allowing users to choose from a variety of models for their personal projects.

Cost Savings:
Leveraging community-contributed machines significantly reduces hosting costs, making powerful AI resources more accessible for individual users.

Privacy Assurance:
The encryption of prompts and responses ensures a privacy-first approach, addressing concerns about data security associated with other AI API services.


Fullmetal emerges as a groundbreaking solution, democratizing access to open-source LLMs for personal projects. By addressing the challenges of model selection, cost-intensive hosting, and privacy concerns, Fullmetal exemplifies the potential of decentralized AI hosting platforms in shaping the future of personal AI projects.

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