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Case Studies

Learning Management Systems

Our client is a world class leading provider in lifeguard training services. In the
early traditional days, they used to train lifeguards but the problem was they were
not able to track the history of training that was completed by lifeguards. Our
client provided different categories of trainings to those lifeguards with the help
of the instructors they had.

Dispatch/Scheduling Solutions

Our client had huge number of onsite jobs to deal with every month. This jobs were scheduled and planned on excel sheets. Problem with planning and scheduling the jobs on a spreadsheet was always a mess because of changing weather conditions, finding optimal path for work orders that needed to be completed on appropriate onsite locations.

Email Marketing Solution

Our client had a list of prospects which they wanted to convert those prospects into active members on the website. Our client hosted events on physical locations with their sponsors. Problem with them was it was difficult for them to contact those prospects individually asking them to attend the events that they did on different locations.

Insnapsys is all about infusing life into IT and make it work for you!

Insnapsys is all about infusing life into IT and make it work for you!